Real Name: Chloe
What I Would Like To Be Called: Ali
Date Of Birth: 29/11/1996
Relationship Status: Single (Hopefully not for long) (31/10/13)
Nationality: Australian (1/4 Ukrainian)
Currently Living: Outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia
Currently: Studying Year 11 VCE (31/10/13)
Siblings: Josh (14), Sarah (10)
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Movie: Burlesque
Favourite TV Shows: Sherlock, Glee, Some Girls, Being Human UK
Ultimate Favourite Band: Panic! At The Disco
I also like these bands: My Chemical Romance, The Brobecks, Fall Out Boy
Favourite Solo Artists: Gerard Way, Adam Lambert, P!nk
Current Favourite Song/s: The Sharpest Lives - MCR (22/06/14), Small Cuts - The Brobecks (22/06/14), Action Cat - Gerard Way (22/06/14), Mercenary - Panic! At The Disco (31/10/13), Who Knew - P!nk (31/10/13)
Hair Colour: Dark browny-red (22/06/14), Pure Plum - L'Oreal Paris (31/10/13)
Favourite Food: Cadbury Old Gold 45% Dark Chocolate (31/10/13)
YouTubers I Watch: danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, KickthePJ, Crabstickz, ninebrassmonkeys, BriBryOnTour, Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs, OMFGItsJackandDean, LukeIsNotSexy, Tim H, TomSka, Troye Sivan
(Note: I watch a lot more, these are just the ones I watch the most.)
Pet Hate/s: People who don't put CDs/DVDs back in their cases after they've finished

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This band is for fucking life.
I couldn’t get out if I tried. This is like a life sentence and a life sentence isn’t always a bad thing, because we’re all meant to be in this cell together.